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Helping businesses in the Bay Area and beyond create a proud brand that attracts their target market, turning leads into loyal customers

Are you “brand proud?”

how would it feel to market your business with the confidence of knowing that your branding will attract your ideal audience?

Imagine turning website views into paid customers because your logo and brand identity immediately resonates with them on a subliminal level. This can't happen without intentionality! Authentic branding that’s thoughtfully designed = Business success.

You can't gain this peace of mind and subsequent results without first understanding your customers on a deep level. And this certainly can't happen if you don't know how to translate this awareness through your brand graphics.


Your business is worthy of intentional and effective branding! 

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Are you attracting the right audience?

Your business's visual identity will either repel or attract your target market.

Until you recognize that your brand deserves an impactful identity that's unique to your business, you are missing the key pillar of your branding that converts leads to paying clients.

Your customers will go elsewhere if it's not clear in the first 10 seconds what your business actually does. Nothing achieves this immediate clarity like a great logo!


A 5 star client experience.



You might be wondering...

    If you have the time to commit to working with a graphic designer.

    If you'll get a return on your investment.

    If your lack of brand awareness about your business means you're not ready for a professional logo design.

Don’t worry!

With Spade & Anchor's structured client process, everything is mapped out on autopilot.

From a streamlined on-boarding process to a carefully crafted milestones workflow, all the way to an intuitively organized design file delivery system, you'll relax knowing that your branding is in the hands of a professional!

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think about this

What is a confusing or non-existent brand identity costing you?

Is it forcing your customers to run to your competition?


Is it preventing your audience from understanding your offerings because your visual message is unclear?


Is it costing you more money than it's making? The answer is probably YES.


Hey, I'm Josie…

The designer behind Spade & Anchor Creative

I specialize in comprehensive brand identity design (logos + associated marketing materials) for small businesses.

I use a collaborative and thorough creative process to boil your business's identity down to it's essentials and anchor it there in order to create an impactful brand identity that stands the test of time.



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✔ Attract your ideal audience
✔ Implement the “less is more” philosophy
✔ Keep your branding consistent across the board